The Luolong campus of Luoyang No. 2 Foreign Language School is located on the south side of Guanlin Avenue and the south end of Longhe West Street in Luolong District. The local government invested 135 million in constructing a garden-like school with high-standard and noble-taste. The campus occupies an area of 164 acres with 55,000of construction space. It contains 60 classes with the total number of 3000 students. The new campus has an office building, 4 classroom buildings, a science lab building and a library, all of which are provided with wireless internet service. All the classrooms are equipped with multi-media teaching devices. The library has a collection of varieties of books while the reading room is furnished with all kinds of magazines. There is a standard rubber-surfaced playground with 400-meter tracks, 6 dormitory buildings and 2 modern cafeterias and 3 lecture halls. All the architectures are nicely-designed and constructed with first-class facilities. Besides, there are still studios and workshops for fine art, music, dance, fitness center, handcraft and piano-practice. A complete array of service and learning facilities are not only available, but also advanced and comfortable. Different functional areas, such as administration, teaching, sporting, service and greenery, are distributed reasonably and in picturesque disorder. The campus is surrounded by green trees, covered with meadow and with a stream running through. It sure is a beautiful place of ideal learning environment.


 Luoyang No. 2 Foreign Language School owns the most qualified staff of teachers and administrators. Among the 430 teachers, 272 of them are in Luolong Campus, including 10 foreign teachers; 4 of them had won the designation of Specially Honored Teacher; 49 of them are senior-class teachers; another 53 first-class teachers; 30 visiting scholars to the United States; 31 are national, provincial or city level mainstay members; 31 national, provincial or city level model members; 37 gained their master's degrees.




Luoyang No. 2 Foreign Language School features the foreign language teaching. 65 English teachers are working here. 10 foreign teachers are hired every year. 29 visiting scholars take the lead in foreign language teaching in small class-size with 2 sets of text books. Intensive and extensive reading, listening and speaking are provided as well as British and American cultures. We focus on cultivating the students' foreign language abilities. For years, our students with strong foreign language abilities have helped us gain a very good reputation. The school has developed teacher and student exchange program with America, Canada, Australia, and Britain. We take an active part in doing the exchange program so that we can produce qualified international citizens with global horizon and multi-culture.


For years, the school focuses on quality education, develops school-based curriculums, and actively explores new methodology regarding classroom teaching. We firmly carry out "5-step" classroom teaching method. Students' abilities of self-exploring, co-operation and creativity are widely developed. Students’ burden is decreased while effectiveness increased. In February 2011, the school was awarded "Model School in K-12 Curriculum Reform" by the Department of Education of Henan Province. Ever since the establishment of the school, the students' results in the High School Entrance Examinations have stayed at the top in the city.


Luoyang No. 2 Foreign Language School is the training base of "Civilized Manners". Students here have natural and poised manners. They are well-behaved and are spoken highly by parents and all walks of the society. The school puts moral education in the first place. "Students come first" is the motto. A series of moral education practical activities like "Campus Trade Fair" are held frequently. Traditional virtues, social ethics and sense of responsibilities are developed. Qualified citizenship is prepared. In December of  2010, the school was awarded "Model Collective for Juvenile Morality Construction". In 2012, the school was awarded "Model Collective for Elementary School Morality Construction".


Since the opening of the school, it's been highly thought of as "Strict school climate, upright teaching style, strong learning environment and high quality". A vast variety of awards have been achieved. By 2015, 11 students have been accepted by the Youth Class of Xi'an Jiaotong University. Students have won 3016 person-times awards in all subjects and all levels while teachers' 1465 person-times. 521 books or essays were published. 333 person-times teaching awards were gained. 7 teaching and researching awards were achieved. 41 items of provincial teaching and researching projects have been assigned. The school has been assigned more than 227 honors, such as "Participant School on the US-China High School Teacher Exchange Program by CEAIE and National Committee on US-China Relations" "Modeling School of Scientific Practice" by China Juvenile Science Society; among the first "Regulated Administrative Schools"; "Model Collective for Juvenile Morality Construction"; "Modeling School of Legally Managed in Henan"; "Model School of Well-managed in Teaching and Education in Luoyang" and so on.


We are looking forward to joining hands with schools abroad that are interested in Chinese history and culture. We would like to bridge the east and west cultures to make mutual benefits to the students on both sides.